Welcome to "The RocCast", 

As a nightclub dj of over 20 years you develop a sound.  This sound becomes your freedom of expression. It is a voice for your emotions that you put on display with the music you blend together. This is THE ROCCAST. This is a podcast for friends, fans, and music lovers. Think of it as an escape. Something you can close your eyes to and take you to another place, move your body in ways you never thought.  Over the years I have come to play many genres from Old School/Funk, House, Euro/Dance, R&B/Hip-Hop, Brazilian. All these elements are present in "The RocCast". The RocCast" is house music at its finest showcasing many elements from jazz, latin, disco, soul... you never know what the journey will throw your way.  Sometimes there may be special edition "RocCast's" dedicated to other genres that may not be house. So watch out for those in the coming months. So please, listen to the music, feel the music, love the music but most of all enjoy the journey of the DJ Alex Roc sound. 


DJ Alex Roc